Thursday, 27 July 2017

A simple act of kindness.

Whainga ako: i am learning to use kind word to remote positive ahau in our kura.

what is the learning. 

To help us be expressive in our kura by using  the kind words we have used in our presentation these kind word make Other feel welcome safe and happy. we want everyone to feel happy and Great. 


  1. this is so nise to say that about your kura that's making people feel
    that this school is a realy kind shool and making people wanting to come to this school that's love

  2. Kia ora Mishalaye,
    I liked that you said those nice words about your kura and that makes people feel good, happy and great. You sound like a very nice person and it sounds like you want to make people to come to your amazing school.
    I would like to see a bit more writing and some photos but you don't have to just a little tip from me but besides that i love your blog.

  3. Kia ora,
    I like that you are trying hard to use kind words and that you try make people feel happy and fill their day with joy. You are going to be a very kind person. People will remember you as I sweet person they will thank you for being you!